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Double click each and check the Service status.

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If it shows as Stopped , click Start to get it going. The setting to make your PC discoverable to other Bluetooth devices is not where you might expect. Here's how to set up a Bluetooth connection and transfer files.

Read More. Bluetooth has a limited range. That can be greatly reduced by physical barriers like walls. As such, make sure that the device you want to pair to your computer is turned on, fully charged, and in close range to your Windows 10 system. Unshielded USB devices can occasionally interfere with Bluetooth connections. In June , Microsoft patched Windows 10 to protect from a Bluetooth security vulnerability. However, this caused some Bluetooth devices to suffer connectivity issues.

You can see if this is impacting you. Beneath Summary of Administrative Events , expand Error and look for the following:. If not, you may need to buy a new Bluetooth device entirely. This can help resolve problems with Bluetooth. Windows 10 will automatically update, but you can manually check for and install updates. Your system will either be running the latest version already, or it will begin to download and install new patches. Your Bluetooth drivers may be outdated. Louis in June.


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Her mandate over the past year has been to create sponsored podcasts that advertisers feel good about and that people actually want to listen to. In April, Rafsanjani moved into a new role at Gimlet, heading up show development. Cosmetics brands often source products from European labs at factory prices, then hike the cost to cover distribution and other expenses. Kilgore launched Beauty Pie in To discourage customers from buying and reselling, Kilgore implemented monthly purchasing limits. The company has tens of thousands of members, Kilgore says, and nearly everyone who makes a onetime purchase eventually signs up.

Beauty Pie will add bodycare and haircare products later this year. A deal with Ticketmaster let concertgoers purchase tickets directly via the platform. In February, for the first time, New York Fashion Week offered private dressing areas for models who are typically expected to change in full view of crew and photographers backstage. The development was the result of lobbying by model turned advocate Sara Ziff and Model Alliance, the nonprofit she founded in as a union alternative for models and, eventually, other independent fashion workers.

Also through her organization, Ziff has proposed legislation that would apply child labor laws to underage models in New York; partnered with universities to research eating disorders as a workplace issue; and created a discreet grievance reporting system for models contending with sexual harassment and online scouting scams.

Appear Here is an online marketplace for pop-up spaces that entrepreneur and designer Ross Bailey created five years ago in the U. It has since been used by more than , brands—including Apple and Nike—to launch concepts at thousands of locations in London and Paris. Though Lumi, which grew from 4. She and her staff found affordable cardboard that could withstand water on the outside and take to crayons on the inside.

Sakara Life: The upscale lifestyle food company, which sells ready-to-eat meals and wellness-focused snacks and supplements, approached Lumi to help make its detox- and beauty-themed kits feel more special. After Donald Trump won the election in , Jessica Alter, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, felt an overwhelming urge to do. Alter launched Tech for Campaigns in January as a way to connect tech workers with Democratic and left-leaning candidates in need of pro bono assistance, from coding and web design to social media strategy. Volunteers—more than 4, so far—devote several hours a week outside of their workday to specific projects, such as building a site or rolling out a Twitter campaign.

Last year, those volunteers took on a total of 50 campaign projects, and by the end of , Alter plans to assign tech workers to projects across more than campaigns. Deforestation is responsible for one-tenth of global warming emissions. Conservation scientist M. Sanjayan has responded by recruiting a diverse coalition of technical and funding partners from the World Bank to the promoters of the Rock in Rio concert series to help him undertake the largest-ever tropical-reforestation project.

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Over the next five years, 73 million new trees will sprout up over 70, acres of the Brazilian Amazon the equivalent of 30, soccer fields. Sanjayan is championing a planting technique called muvuca Portuguese for a lot of people in a small space that sprinkles seeds for hundreds of native plants rather than engaging in the traditional practice of sowing individual seedlings by hand, which is time- and labor-intensive.

As they compete for resources like sunlight and water, the strongest survive, and over time, muvuca results in a more diverse, dense, and resilient jungle ecosystem.


For the Sri Lanka—born Sanjayan, who lives in the U. Katie Finnegan grew up immersed in retail. Why not that way?

Crew before launching her own e-shopping concierge. When that startup, Hukkster, was acquired by Jet in , Finnegan stayed to focus on strategic investments. Finnegan says her mandate is to ask the same questions she did in her youth. Store No. Lee and Yiying Lu.

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Lu, a Chinese-born graphic artist, and Lee, a Chinese-American writer and entrepreneur, started Emojination in , after making plans for a dumpling dinner over text and realizing there was no dumpling emoji. One way: Lee and Jeanne Brooks cofounded the Emojicon event series, which bring together the emoji community and feeds the submission process. Emojination then offers cloud-based tools to help aspiring contributors with everything from designing icons to writing proposals. As an app developer in , Aline Lerner volunteered to help her company with recruiting. She learned that the existing practices were less than meritocratic, prioritizing Ivy League degrees, for example, over coding chops, often to the detriment of engineers from underrepresented backgrounds.

If they do well, they unlock the option of going on an in-person interview. Lerner says a new engineer registers for Interviewing. Last year, Lerner forged partnerships with Github, Udacity, Quora, and more to help them create pipelines of nontraditional candidates.

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Nearly , people in the U. Survivors battle after-effects, such as limb paralysis, caused by damaged brain cells. Tej Tadi was working on a PhD in neuroscience when he realized that virtual reality presented a huge opportunity. When your brain sees someone performing an action, it lights up as it would if you performed that action yourself. Tadi founded MindMaze, a mixed-reality and neuroscience company, in , and then launched the MindMotion Pro, a rehabilitation system that projects movements in VR: A person with paralysis in her left arm could move her right arm, and then see a mirror image showing the left arm in motion.

As the patient heals, the virtual environments get more complex. The device, employed at more than 40 facilities in Europe, was approved last year for use in the U. This often means repackaging viral-worthy clips floating around the internet with polished graphics, additional footage, interviews, and links to relevant shelters or adoption agencies. The Dodo, which regularly hits 2 billion monthly video views across its social channels, is now partnering with Animal Planet for a six-episode, one-hour TV show, Dodo Heroes , debuting this summer.

As a product manager at X, the moonshot factory based at Google now Alphabet , Kathy Hannun was focused on ways to save energy and cut carbon emissions when one of her colleagues sent her an email in early about geothermal homes. After extensive research, Hannun realized she could take a page from solar companies, simplifying and standardizing the installation process to reduce costs significantly.

Hannun hired solar expert James Quazi, and the duo worked for two years to develop an efficient, partially automated drilling rig, along with proprietary piping and software. They spun their efforts out of X, cofounding Dandelion. Alphabet retains equity in the new company.